Democracy Through the Eyes of Kenyan Youth


Perspectives and Aspirations

The journey of democracy started in Kenya about 54 years ago. Today, with a new constitution and multi-party system, our democracy is still growing, despite the challenges.

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On this International Day of Democracy, let\’s explore how the youth are making efforts to engage in governance and the evolving democratic trends in our society:

Technology: The rise of digital platforms has enriched the understanding, consciousness, and engagement of young individuals in governance matters. Social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) have played a fundamental role in influencing public opinion and promoting activism. Nonetheless, these platforms have also at times been exploited to disseminate harmful propaganda.

Young Politicians: The 2022 general elections witnessed a significant surge in the participation of youth vying to represent their constituencies. This demonstrates the dissolution of numerous barriers, highlighting a promising future for democracy in Kenya, resonating with the potential and energy of the nation\’s youth. However, in previous elections, just 39.84 percent (8.8 million) of the total registered voters were youth, marking a decrease of 5.17 percent compared to the 2017 statistics.

County Student Associations: Over the past year, university students have been seen establishing associations aligned with their respective regions. They have been engaging elected representatives in parliament and actively seeking participation in county government initiatives. It\’s clear that devolution has ushered in increased prospects for youth involvement. We hope that their efforts are sincere in the pursuit of community development and uplifting fellow youth.

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Is democracy the best system of governance?

Throughout history, there has been a debate as to whether democracy is the best system of governance. Critics praise how dictatorships thrive and accuse democracy of being slow and wasteful. What do you think?

My opinion is that while there\’s an interplay between different styles of leadership & governance at various times, democracy should invariably take the foremost position because of it\’s its unique ability to provide inclusive opportunities to all members of society. It cultivates an atmosphere of fairness and respect for essential human rights. Most critics of democracy have been empowered to hold such opinions by their thriving democratic societies.

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On this International Day of Democracy, let\’s recognize the steadfast commitment of Kenyan and global youth in actively engaging in governance to improve the lives of all. We urge the government and society at large to rally behind these ambitions for a brighter future.

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  1. First, what is democracy in governance? Democracy has only one got, getting insights from everyone;inclusity.
    The biggest problem with this is if the team involved lacks specific skills or knowledge of the ideas for implementation, the whole process fails and in democracy no one to put on blame.
    Thus, that is why we have so many delays in projects and accomplishment of tasks, lack of accountability and so forth compared to it’s advantages.

    Then, autocratic governance?? What is it,? This kind of governance allows only the leader to be commander of everything to be implemented or accomplished, whether good for success or bad for failure they are the final say. Can be effective if the leader seems more knowledgeable or wise in terms of decision making and implementation process since it will save time in execution of tasks.

    1. Thank you my bother Awuondo, indeed that was necessary. I failed to do that because the captions would appear in the excerpt as we share. For posterity, I’ll make sure to caption the photo appropropriately

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