Do This in the Activism Against Femicide

Over the past few days, a surge in activism against femicide has emerged, with individuals and organizations launching campaigns in response to reported cases of women tragically murdered in Airbnb rooms. The gravity of these incidents casts a sombre shadow on our collective consciousness.

But first things first, what is femicide? To the best of my knowledge, femicide is the intentional killing of women based on their gender, often rooted in societal issues such as sexism and misogyny. Reflecting on the information available in the public domain, I ask: does this definition truly align with the context of the reported cases?

Life is sacred, and we all bear the obligation to protect and defend each other\’s right to life. In this light, I support activism calling for justice and an end to the commission of these crimes.

However, as a society, we also need development activism—efforts that delve deeper to understand and address the root causes of such issues. Activism that not only condemns wrongful acts but also guides society towards better livelihoods and sustainable change.

To everyone advocating for change out there, let us all be individuals who, while taking vigorous actions on issues, also invest time in building strong, sustainable strategies for people to live better lives. Our efforts, the airtime we receive, the funding we secure—let\’s use all of them to defend the rights of others and also most importantly inspire people towards positive change. Look both ways if you want to cross the road safely

Good people, let us all—men and women—unite to lead safe lives, free from harm. Be each other\’s keepers, standing strong to fight for justice for crime victims. Each of us bears the responsibility to make wise choices and deserves protection under the law and within our community.

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