Mental Illness is Just a Thought Away

Mental Health is undeniably a global pandemic. Beyond the cliché statistics and narratives, we witness its impacts in our societies; either on ourselves or right next door.

The world appears to be gradually descending into chaos. As it advances, new challenges emerge, leaving me questioning why Earth hasn’t been kind to its offspring. Why has earth let the world disrupt the minds of its inhabitants?

You’ll see a man and a woman, once deeply in love, now unable to tolerate each other. Vows shatter like delicate glass, causing harm and shock to the entire village.

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Even siblings, born of the same womb, can’t see eye to eye. They fight and chase each other with machetes. What happened to the sacred bond of motherhood?

The youngest among us, innocent children, have seen horrors more than their grandparents. Oh, why has the earth turned against the little ones? Men and women have forsaken them, and the most evil have come for the children. Where can these innocent souls find refuge? The son of man said we should let them go to Him. May He hear their cries.

At the workplaces, slaves are terrified. They walk with their hearts on their sleeves, chasing after gaining the favor of their masters. Their minds have been captured. Even in the middle of the night, instead of the married ones being nice to each other, they think about each one’s master and how to satisfy him.

In the past, there was a unique reverence for intimacy. It was not even called by the name sex. Where I come from, it was called “going together.” But now, Earth is seeing sext turn dangerous. What shall we do if harm befalls people during such intimate moments? Help us find a solution.

Rulers govern with arrogance, extracting from their subjects until nothing remains. The command is clear: “Work! We shall come for more!” When the subjects can’t fill their stomachs, educate their children, or access healthcare, the ruler’s reign becomes futile and minds become sick. If a king starves his people and they all die, who then shall he rule?

The law they say, is very clear. Those who give up and think they’ll they’ll flee the troubles of this world have a date with justice. But why does Earth embrace those who push themselves into it?

In the church, they brand them possessed; in the market, they label them mad. Families whisper it is a curse. As a man, you should be a man. Yet, who will champion kindness and love like Earth does?

Dear Earth, the struggles are many in this world. Can you treat this illness of the minds as you did with diseases in the past? Sire a tree whose blossoms, when smelled, heal minds or bring heavy rains to wash this calamity away and spare u and ours. Or grant us the wisdom of the land to treat the sick. Show us a sign, dear Earth.

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