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Thank you for submitting your articles. Our editorial team is currently reviewing them, and we will revert to each one of you soon. We appreciate your participation and look forward to collaborating with you in championing positive social change.

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3rd Anniversary

We joyfully marked our 3rd anniversary, reflecting on a transformative journey. Fueled by the mission to inspire action on social issues, we’ve empowered countless individuals with knowledge. Grateful for the support that has propelled us, we look forward to continuing this impactful venture together. Here’s to many more years of positive change.

16 Days of Activism Against GBV

We proudly collaborated with Uraia Trust and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to champion the fight against Gender-Based Violence. This impactful alliance brought about positive change, raising awareness and promoting initiatives to combat GBV, contributing to a safer and more equitable society for all.

Gender Based Violence as a Barrier to Female Political Participation

We collaborated with Tribeless Youth to champion against Gender-Based Violence. Our collaborative event was a tremendous success, fostering awareness and unity in the fight against GBV. Together, we made a positive impact, amplifying the voices that oppose violence and working towards a safer and more inclusive future for all.

16 Days of Activism Against GBV

During the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, we organized a compelling series of webinars, uniting voices to champion the fight against GBV. This impactful program fostered awareness, education, and collaboration. The positive impact was palpable, resonating with participants as we collectively took strides towards a safer, just and more equitable future.

How To Build sustainable social networks

We collaborated with the Nzioka Foundation in a webinar to discuss building sustainable social networks among the youth. The program was remarkable, and it resulted in a positive impact. Through insightful discussions, we explored ways to empower and connect the younger generation, contributing to a brighter future.

The Kenya Diaspora Investment Summit

We participated in the Kenya Diaspora Investment Summit, a transformative event where we actively shared insights on sustainable investment opportunities for the diaspora and youth empowerment. Our participation contributed valuable perspectives to foster meaningful discussions on harnessing investments for long-term growth and empowerment in the diaspora community.

YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2023

We attended the YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2023, a transformative event where we actively contributed insights on opportunities for the youth. Engaging in discussions and sharing perspectives, we played a part in shaping the dialogue surrounding the empowerment and advancement of the next generation at this influential gathering.

Our Impact Beyond Borders

Our article was featured by Janet in her presentation in Germany, marking a significant honor. This recognition underscores the impact of our work, showcasing its relevance on an international stage. Being incorporated into such a presentation further highlights the value and noticeability of our contributions in diverse social issues.

What People Say About Us

I take this moment to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible work MuemAction Post does. I want to commend you on the good work and the impact you are making in the society. The Articles, thoughts and engagements are always well articulated and they definately provide valuable insights which is a clear indication of the effort and commitment you put as you prepare your content. Your dedication, passion and commitment is so inspiring. I recommend everyone to interact with this change bringing organization, MuemAction Post! Sending best wishes and support.

Ruth Maina Student, Technical University of Kenya

Amazing and realistic discussions on topics encountered in daily life since my first interaction with MuemAction Posts. I find the blogs and posts encouraging.From basic life teachings to politics and governance and the vices herein. I'd recommend it to the public in general but moreso youths who share same ambitions and struggles to engage with MuemAction Posts.

Obiero Lukas Youth Leader, Kisumu County

MuemAction Post as a site addressing social, health, and political challenges is a valuable platform for raising awareness and fostering discussion on important issues. The site provides well-researched content, diverse perspectives, and constructive engagement with its audience. It's a valuable resource reminding us to embrace diversity. To our youths I would like to recommend this site to you. Follow and be informed about the social, political and health issues happening in our country and around us.

Jacinta Wanjiku Counselling Psychologist, GBV & Mental Health Activist

Over the years it has been hard to follow and read news on newspapers where initially the mankind used to get some brilliant thought provoking ideas and knowledge. In the recent years these insights have been brought closer to the young generation with the inception of MuemAction Post which speaks and writes the language that the young people relate with at a large degree. By covering issues ranging from politics to social well-being and economy stimulating ideas then I found a worthy to read posts which I have committed never to miss any article by that media company. I encourage my fellow youths to spare some time to go through the nuggets of MuemAction Post and equip both their career and social life with knowledge scarce in our current generation of social media technology. Success as you enjoy the life changing content.

Peter Mwangangi President, Makueni University Students' Association

Such an inspiration to have a platform for people to access diverse topics touching on the society. With current societal challenges and changes with generations, the action post has created a mass influence among the young people and we are cruising nicely.

Brian Seroney Former President, Kenya Inter University Environmental Association (KIUESA)