Politics? Climate Change Is Here

Politics? Climate Change Is Here

I saw that yesterday, the Cabinet proposed an Amendment Bill requiring all learners in Kenya to plant and nurture atleast one tree every week.

Well, about a year or so ago, my former classmate and friend Meka, University of Eldoret, told me that the matter of Climate Change was mere politics at the global scale.

I stood my ground and disagreed with him (as it has always been, we disagree a lot constructively on issues) arguing that climate change was real and not helped, the situation would get out of hand and destroy our ecosystem.

However, over time, the efforts meant to combat the climate crisis have begun to provoke my thoughts. This way, with a bias towards planting of trees:

i. Are the policies proposed by the government feasible? For instance; Water scarcity is a major problem in most parts of our country while pupils are now required to plant at least one tree a week and that if you plant a tree you\’ll be paid.

ii. Is it possible to reafforest at the same rate we are defforesting? In the perspective of, can we have man-made forests?

iii. Are our cultures aligned towards understanding and combating climate change? In terms of our norms, myths etc

Thoughts and questions are many including the global view but it will all end at: What Then Shall We Do?

        -Boniface Muema Harrison


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