Revisiting the Women In Business Summit

What You Need to Know

A couple of days ago, I informed you about the upcoming Level Up Women in Business Summit scheduled for yesterday, Friday, September 22nd, 2023, at the Sarit Expo Centre. I extended an invitation to you for this event.

In the article, \’\’Women Are Leading Change In Society\” I highlighted the immense potential and historical influence of African women, urging those in our network to participate in this remarkable event. The overwhelming response, with high viewership and positive feedback, astonished me, but it was your physical presence that truly amazed me.

As a member of the organizing team for the groundbreaking summit at TIE Events, I was constantly on the go, ensuring the event\’s seamless execution. We welcomed guests warmly and ensured their comfort. While I couldn\’t sit through the entire discussions, here\’s a brief of the insights I gleaned on the fly.

During the inaugural panel discussion, the first panelists, Dr. Faith Ngunjiri, Eunice Waithira, and Wambui Karanja, captivated the room with profound insights into business leadership and entrepreneurship. They shared their remarkable journeys, engaged with the audience, and delved into topics such as fostering local solutions for African women in business, securing venture capital, and the importance of self-belief in women\’s success in the business world. Guided by the adept moderation of Elizabeth Jasmine, the audience left the event invigorated and enriched by diverse perspectives.

Women entrepreneurs participating in a panel discussion during the Level Up Women In Business Summit by TIE Events on Friday 22nd September 2023 at Sarit Expo Centre, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Following a delectable breakfast, the focus swiftly shifted to Digital Marketing. Melanie Hapisu, Reema Doshi Lewis, and Janet Machuka captivated the audience with their insights into the transformative potential of digital media in brand promotion. They emphasized that digital marketing entails more than mere posting—it requires defined objectives, strategies, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Janet\’s counsel on maintaining a work-life balance emphasized the importance of filtering personal content to avoid any adverse impact, while Reema underscored the significance of meticulous planning, content creation, approvals, and timely posting for optimal results. Melanie\’s journey, from being a simple \”poster\” on social media to owning a vibrant digital marketing firm, served as an inspirational beacon for businesses seeking to transition from casual online presence to a structured, purposeful approach.

In the photographs, you can spot a plethora of banners adorning the room, showcasing the esteemed partners and sponsors who contributed to make the event exceptional. Among them were Certified Homes, Kenya Revenue Authority, Cherd Africa Limited, ICEA LION Group, EA360, Mombo Sacco, SEMA NASI Safe Space, Carlstic Group, Smart Tickets and Melvins Teas.

From Left: Wambui Karanja, Founder & Head of Partnerships, LEA CLIENT SERVICES| TUIFUND, Melanie Hapisu, Founder & CEO Digipath Africa, Elizabeth Jasmine, Communication Strategist & Founder We\’ll Need More Tea, Eunice Waithira, Founder & CEO Best Aroma Scents, Reema Doshi Lewis, Founder & CEO Ardy Marketing, Dr. Faith Ngunjiri, Global Leadership Development LLC & Janet Machuka, Digital Marketing, Sparks Corporates Ltd

At MuemAction Post, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the summit. We appreciate your valuable support and look forward to your continued engagement in our upcoming initiatives. Best wishes for your future business endeavors.

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