Reward Merit & Hard Work if You Want to Empower the Youth

Recently, I was watching a TV discussion about how young people can contribute to our nation\’s development. A certain perspective hit me hard—meaningful involvement of the youth won\’t happen until we kick corruption out of key areas like jobs, business, and agriculture. As the youth passionately spoke on screen, one thing was crystal clear: many feel hopeless if they don\’t have influential connections.

In the job scene, corruption and favoritism shut doors on deserving young talent. It\’s disheartening when who you know matters more than what you can do. It reminds me of what I read in a short story by Magay Magayu called \’Do You Know Anybody.\’ It mirrors the real struggles of people in need.

Business, too, is tainted by corruption. If you\’re not well-connected, good luck trying to get a fair shot. The same goes for agriculture, where cartels keep out anyone not in their circle.

Opportunities often come through connections, but merit should be the driving force. If you are unqualified, step back, and let someone qualified seize the chance. This ensures fairness and contributes to a solution, not the problem. Let merit, not just association, shape our opportunities for a better and more just society.

We need to change how we hand out opportunities. Let\’s build a society that cares about what you can do, not only who you know. Let\’s reward hard work. It\’s time to break down the barriers that hold our youth back and create a fair system. By cleaning up corruption in jobs, ensuring fair play in business, and breaking down agricultural cartels, we set the stage for a future where every young person can have a fair shot at success. This isn\’t just a call to end corruption; it\’s a demand for a society that backs its youth based on skill and effort. Anything less is a disservice to our collective future.

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