When he left the city to their rural residence for holidays, Boniface Muema Wa Harrison has not only come out on social media to display how life is taking him easily in the village but also he has written a literary piece titled \’SPY ON MY WIFE\’.

Boniface does this out of his passion for sociology,general study of human behavior, tradition and social contradictions.

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\’The literary piece is fictional but inspired by real circumstances in the society, some of which I have seen and heard.For instance,the character,Kisili is not real.The content falls in the category of those that a writer can freely use fiction and language.The piece has not been edited; so I will be open to receive your recommendations for treatment of any specific defect.
Thank you.Enjoy reading.😊

Kisili,why do you then disrespect yourself?
Why have you been left
To spy on another man\’s wife?
Marriage should be an affair between two people
Why have you become the third person
You have become an itching bottom
On another man\’s wife
Why have you so disrespected yourself?

To the market place,you follow her secretly
You ask about her at the work place,
You stand outside hotels she gets into,
So that you can know who she was with;
When you see her with a man,
You lift your phone and report she was prostituting,
When you find her with other women,she was gossiping.
She cannot breath.
A woman now fears you for the love she vowed on another man.

You have abandoned your own family
You cannot do work,
To go and spy on another man\’s wife
\’To look after her\’
Because he pleases you with some money
He makes you drunk with alcohol when he comes from the city,
A token of his old clothes
And you sit at the front in his car.
Why won\’t you let a woman love her husband,Kisili?

Piece written by;
Boniface M. Harrison

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