Stages of Group Development

  1. Forming: This is the initial stage where the group comes together and members get acquainted. There is a sense of excitement and anticipation, but also some anxiety about the new group. Roles and responsibilities are not clear yet.
  2. Storming: At this stage, conflicts and disagreements may arise as group members start to express their individual opinions and assert their roles. This can be a challenging phase as personalities clash and power struggles occur.
  3. Norming: As the group works through conflicts, they start to establish norms, roles, and stronger relationships. There is a greater sense of unity and cooperation, and the group begins to function more smoothly.
  4. Performing: In this stage, the group reaches a level of maturity and functionality where they can effectively and efficiently achieve their goals. There is a high level of trust, collaboration, and interdependence among group members.
  5. Adjourning: Also known as the mourning stage, this occurs when the group’s task is complete, and members prepare to disband. There may be a sense of accomplishment as well as sadness as the group members go their separate ways.

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