Teargas, The Second Coming

Teargas, The Second Coming

K24, through their daily free newspaper, the People Daily are reporting that the police who teargased pupils while in school at Kangemi said they did it in accordance with the CBC curriculum.

The whole article is a comedy, check it here: http://bitly.ws/LyFV. The police are alleged to have announced that the pupils who were lucky to attend the class should consider themselves privileged for early exposure to teargas which will go a long way in inculcating the values of perseverance in them unlike the current generation that cannot endure taxes and a little crying because they were placated with cheap bread and Kaimati of 1 bob during their childhood.

The former Mutyambai boys were also seen throwing a canister at the former regime. As truthful men they said, this administration inherited a dilapidated curriculum and it is high time to fix the nation by rolling out a teargas program to all primary schools in Kenya and which will be enhanced through annual competitions.

The first time teargas arrived in my village market, a place far away in the South of Kitui was during the curfew days to remind people that it was time to go and hide from the Chinese virus which was notorious for marauding in the evening.

Now it will make a second coming at my village primary school when this wonder-full program is rolled out. I wish it started when the windows were as tall as the door. Anyway, what a  job the police are doing through the Teachers Service Commission! It is called standing in the gap. And to you parents, do not weep for anyone else; weep for yourselves and your children.

  -Boniface Muema Harrison 


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