The MuemAction Post\’s Odyssey


A Journey of Dreams Realized and Milestones Achieved

I\’m overjoyed to see this initiative gather over a thousand followers on both Facebook and X(formerly Twitter). Seeing this dream come to life marks a profoundly significant milestone in my journey.

More than two years ago, I embarked on the journey of MuemAction Post, driven by an intense irresistible inner calling. Although Its form remained uncertain—would it be a company or an NGO? The answer didn\’t matter; what counted was its existence. The puzzle remains unsolved yet the determination to see it flourish persists.

Throughout my life, a deep passion for people, society, and unconventional thinking has driven me. I tell some of my friends that I never held childhood ambitions of becoming a pilot, engineer, or doctor—the typical \”fancy\” careers. They find it hard to believe. My aspiration has remained constant: to collaborate with others, whether in addressing community challenges looking at life through diverse perspectives or storytelling. Growing up, I have taken up challenges where I made myself useful and created a positive impact in the lives of others.

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Why MuemAction Post? Muema, my middle name, signifies a touch of stubbornness. \”Action\” implies activity, while \”post\” conveys public display- In actual sense, I sought a platform where I can share my aspirations, perceptions and actionable thoughts to all and sundry and that place became MuemAction Post. 

Operationally, our initiative maintains this very dedicated blog site. Many of you have engaged with the various articles I\’ve penned, and I extend heartfelt gratitude as we journey together. Besides the blog, you can find us on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram.

Our significant momentum began during my tenure as the Secretary General of the Students Association at the Technical University of Kenya. Together, we shared diverse stories and advocated for meaningful actions. I remain eternally grateful for the unwavering support from fellow students, student leaders, and all those who lent a helping hand at our inception. My personal responsibilities led me to entrust the program to a few volunteers, for which I\’m truly thankful.

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I approach MuemAction Post with meticulous care, ensuring its operations mirror my identity and core principles: Integrity, Honesty, Optimism, and Courage, to name a few. While these values might not align with the prevailing pursuit of likes and viral attention, I am steadfast in my commitment to uphold them. I\’m prepared to tread a steady path, even if it means bearing the price of my convictions.

What sets this platform apart is its alignment with my personal values. I hold the belief that nobody can perceive and narrate my stories more accurately than I can. Likewise, I don\’t deem myself capable of narrating someone else\’s story better than they can. As a result, the content shared directly resonates with my identity. Even in cases where the content appears professional, I remain convinced that it contributes positively to the world, despite personal preferences at times.

Additionally, the content featured on MuemAction Post predominantly revolves around social matters. It encompasses societal issues, politics, religion, literature, economics, and even approaches science from a social standpoint. This inclination stems from my background as a Social Development Professional, with a background in Social Work and Community Development. I hold the belief that this calling has been woven into my life from its very inception.

Moving ahead, my purpose is to amplify voices, even when they may seem insignificant. I\’m eager to collaborate with like minded individuals to propel positive societal change. My lifestyle embraces a unique way of thinking and imagination. Whenever possible, reach out more often. Your thoughts are invaluable—don\’t hesitate to share them. Consider this platform as much yours as it is mine. By sharing my thoughts, I hope to inspire yours. I act so you\’re encouraged to do the same, nurturing positive change in our world through our individual contributions. Together, even in our small capacities, we can make a difference.

-By Boniface Muema Harrison

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