The Uasin Gishu Finland Scam Is a Case of Ignorance


Scam highlights a state of unawareness

Allow me to begin with words that are pleasant before the eyes of men, and that is by condemning the politicians who scammed students and their parents amounts going up to a billion Shillings having deceived them into believing they would facilitate their education abroad. The ambitious graduates were further enticed with the promise that lucrative jobs were guaranteed, so they would be studying while earning handsomely in Euros.

Years down the line, students have come to realize that it was a complete scam, and their aspiration to study abroad was nothing more than an illusion. This revelation has led to widespread feelings of disillusionment among them. This situation is profoundly distressing.

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However, let\’s examine this matter from a different angle:

Do these students know the universities they were to go to study in in Finland? Certainly not. I\’ve attempted to follow the conversations, the demonstrations, and concerns, and I haven\’t come across any declarations from any of the graduates mentioning the universities they had intentions of attending in Finland.

Hence, unless substantiated by evidence to the contrary, it is evident that these students do not have acceptance letters nor had they submitted applications for university studies in Finland.

What does this imply? I consider this very dangerously naive that graduates would rely on someone to select a university on their behalf, pick their courses, secure funding from the county for their education, and moreover, anticipate these individuals to secure them overseas employment. It\’s astonishing.

Ignorance is a profoundly ingrained issue in our society. No one is exempt, not even those who went to the university. If top grade graduates can be deceived into losing millions of poorly earned money then really, combating ignorance is a moral imperative for us all.

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Unscrupulous individuals, particularly some politicians, have perfected the skill of profiting from the lack of awareness among the populace. Each day, individuals suffer financial losses due to their lack of knowledge in dealings like extending Fuliza limits, bundles mwitu, expedited passport services, fake job advertisements, and more.

If the Uasin Gishu Saga was close to a legitimate process, the focus would be on facilitating these students\’ transition to their intended universities rather than contemplating reimbursement of their funds. In a scenario like today, if you were embarking on a journey to Mombasa with a reputable bus company and the bus experiences a breakdown at Kibwezi, the likelihood is that if your intention was truly to reach Mombasa, the company would arrange for you to transfer to another one of their buses to continue the journey, not issue a refund for a return trip to Nairobi.

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Education is intended to serve as an enlightening tool for any society society. Attending a university is the highest level of education in the world. Individuals equipped with contemporary knowledge should shield their communities from modern-day deceit and manipulation, rather than thoughtlessly guiding them into places of their own exploitation and the exploitation of their villages.

It is crucial to be an individual who critically examines matters deeply and resists quick persuasion unless you willingly choose to exercise willful ignorance or have been factually convinced of the undertaking. That is what our fellow rift young graduates may have missed.

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It remains difficult to understand how a county government was supposed to identify universities, choose courses, use its county budget pay tuition and accommodation fees and get graduates jobs. Too good deal to be trusted.

While we aspire to explore international opportunities as young individuals, it\’s essential to exercise caution to prevent falling victim to exploitation, having our lives adversely affected, and our aspirations crushed in the pursuit. Our nation holds promise, and there are avenues for us to discover and grow within our borders as we also consider external possibilities without unnecessary pressure.

By Boniface Muema Harrison

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