Ugandans, Shape Your Nation into a Land of Hope & Opportunity

Last year, during my research collaboration with the Global Fund and Makerere University in the Mathare area, Nairobi, Kenya, investigating the issue of ending modern slavery with a focus on Ugandan domestic workers in Kenya, I encountered eye-opening insights about Uganda as a nation, its citizens, and its government.

  1. It was astonishing to witness the high dropout rate among adolescents aged 12-18, who can only speak their native languages, because they lack proficiency in English or Swahili. When asked about their reasons for leaving school, they expressed disillusionment, citing a lack of opportunities for the educated in Uganda, evidenced by their struggling relatives who studied but found no better life.
  2. Uganda\’s economic situation is dire. Ugandan casual laborers in Kenya pride in sending Kenyan shillings home, because it\’s higher value. The cost of products is exorbitant, and the Ugandan shilling lacks value. A substantial portion of the population also grapples with crippling poverty.
  3. The living conditions of casual Ugandan laborers in Kenya are deplorable. They accept low wages, work under inhumane conditions and live in hostile slum areas.

    All these challenges are associated with poor governance. Therefore, there\’s a need for the government of the day to inspire hope and create opportunities for people of Uganda.

    Uganda is rich with fertile lands, hardworking and hospitable people but their government doesn\’t offer them an enabling environment. They don\’t have roads, healthcare, other crucial infrastructure, not even jobs.

    All these can be achieved through a government that prioritizes the welfare of its citizens and allocates resources to uplift their circumstances. We ardently champion this cause, as it is our firm belief that Ugandans deserve to enjoy lives of contentment and prosperity within their homeland.

    On this year\’s Uganda Independence Day, at MuemAction Post, we earnestly call upon the government to prioritize the enhancement of citizens\’ living standards, the revitalization of the economy, and the provision of opportunities that empower Ugandans to find hope and contribute meaningfully to their nation\’s progress.

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