\’We Need To Talk,\’ Boniface Wa Harrison Calls For Dialogue at TUK


Today morning, Boniface Muema Wa Harrison has released a statement on the dialogue session that many in the Technical University of Kenya fraternity are anticipating tomorrow.Staff, student leaders and comrades are seen to be ready for the event,doing final touches to fineness

\’The agenda for tomorrow\’s TUK comrades dialogue session are clear:

1.That we shall discuss ways on how to create a better learning environment.

2.Encouraging good social relations and embracing our diversity.

3.Promoting responsible citizenry and moral position in national development.

As I invite you all again to the session,I also thank those who have confirmed attendance and comrades who have kept mobilization alive.^OSG^

In another statement,Wa Harrison expressed his optimism and commitment to working towards a greater Technical University of Kenya community through transformative and participatory leadership,

\’It is in my interest and we are working towards having a very successful event as it is the first one of such a kind in the recent history of the TUK.I welcome all your support and good will in this arrangement.These are some of the efforts that contribute towards a better society;
When the people dialogue about themselves and theirs.When the people have an opinion and can act about it.When they Interact and strengthen their ties of udungu.When the people are conscious of the larger society,
That is when it is prudent to say, really,these people have a life.\’

MuemAction Post will keep timely updates and a live coverage of the event.

Thank you.


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