Who Will Be Your Friend When You Grow Old?

Navigating the Landscape of Elder Care in Kenya: Challenges and Solutions

Advancing into old age is a universal aspiration, yet, for many, this phase brings a spectrum of challenges. It is crucial to delve into the landscape of elder care in Kenya, recognizing the diverse obstacles that seniors encounter. By acknowledging and addressing these challenges, we pave the way for a more compassionate and supportive society.

Certain families have sadly overlooked their elderly members. For instance, I recently came across a heartbreaking case in which an elderly man succumbed to hunger despite his son living nearby. Moreover, in this contemporary era, children seldom visit their parents. It is crucial for families to reestablish connections and provide care for their relatives.

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The community is occasionally hostile towards the elderly. Instances include elders being robbed of their Inua Jamii funds. Regrettably, there have been reports of assaults and even deaths, attributed to witchcraft accusations. It is crucial for the community to shift this narrative, fostering respect and support for the elderly instead of subjecting them to mistreatment.

Elder care facilities in Kenya currently face a negative perception in the public eye. Have you watched the recent BBC documentary depicting elders being mistreated? Such conduct is utterly unacceptable, and these establishments bear the responsibility to rectify their image and prioritize the well-being and dignity of the elderly residents they serve.

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The government is presently deliberating on various aspects of social security and salary deductions. Over the years, retirees have voiced concerns about the challenges in accessing their funds from NSSF. It is incumbent upon the government to establish social security programs and systems that are not only operational but also accessible and economically feasible for all citizens.

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As we hold both social organizations and the government accountable for elder care, we must also recognize our personal responsibility in shaping our future. During our youth, it\’s imperative to prioritize saving, wise financial investments, nurturing our health, and cultivating meaningful relationships. These proactive steps ensure a fulfilling and secure old age.

May you experience abundant joy and fulfillment as you journey through the years ahead.


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