Women Are Leading Change In Society


Transforming Society\’s Landscape\”

Over time, society has undertaken efforts to empower women, recognizing historical disadvantages they\’ve faced compared to men. African literary figures like Kenya\’s Margaret Ogola, Henry Ole Kulet, Nigeria\’s Chinua Achebe, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie have been prominent advocates for women\’s rights and equal opportunities. The presence of remarkable African women such as Wangari Mathai, Miriam Makeba, Lupita Nyong\’o has served as a powerful source of inspiration. This global movement for gender equality resonates worldwide, transcending borders and cultures.

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Recently, during a seminar, some of my fellows observed that all speakers and panelists for the day were women. Their competence was so evident that I hadn\’t even noticed. This sparked a discussion and led to contemplation on why women are increasingly assuming prominent roles in society compared to the past. Here is a brief of what my thoughts are on some of the reasons contributing to this positive trend;

Education and Access to Opportunities: Improved access to education has empowered women with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in a wide range of fields. Women now have the opportunity to pursue higher education and gain qualifications that open doors to diverse career options.

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Changing Social Norms: There has been a gradual shift in societal attitudes and norms, with greater acceptance of women in leadership roles and traditionally male-dominated industries. This cultural change encourages women to pursue careers without facing as many barriers as in the past.

Advocacy and Gender Equality Movements: Advocacy efforts and gender equality movements have played a significant role in raising awareness about women\’s rights and advocating for equal opportunities. Legal changes and policies have followed, promoting gender diversity and inclusion.

Mentorship and Role Models: The presence of successful female role models and mentors has inspired younger generations of women to aspire to leadership positions. When women see others who have broken barriers, it encourages them to aim high. A leadership coach also shared that in a week, out of every five clients he gets, four of them are women. Clearly underscoring their eagerness and openness to learning.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Women are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs and innovators, creating their own businesses and startups. This entrepreneurial spirit allows women to shape their own destinies and impact society in unique ways.

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