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“Legalizing” Corruption Will End It

Corruption is a persistent problem that affects governments and societies worldwide, including our country, Kenya. It manifests when people give and take bribes, jobs are

Social Development

Stages of Group Development

In group formation, there are several stages that groups typically go through to become cohesive and effective. These stages include: Which stage do you think

Human Rights

True Justice

What if public spaces were created with community in mind, embracing inclusivity for men, women, children, and people with disabilities? What if education was a

Climate Action

The Essence of A Free Press for the Planet

This year’s World Press Freedom Day carried a poignant theme: “A Press for the Planet.” In Kenya, journalists found themselves wading through floodwaters, their boots

African Literature

Is Creativity the Same as Innovation?

This article is a special dedication to those brave souls who embrace their uniqueness in a world that often demands conformity. The inspiration to write


An Ailing Land with Wailing Healers

It is a regular day for those who are not sick or don’t have a loved one in need of medical care in Kenya. However,