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Do This in the Activism Against Femicide

Over the past few days, a surge in activism against femicide has emerged, with individuals and organizations launching campaigns in response to reported cases of

What You Should Have Been Told About Hyenas

Over the past few days, discussions have emerged on how to interact with hyenas following a statement from the Kenya Wildlife Service advising people to

City Flavors on Ancient Roots

Near a baobab tree, tall and stout, I stood, looking like a toddler, no doubt. Its branches, giants, split the air, It\’s roots, deep, swallow

The Flock\’s Final Amen

Pastor\’s Parting Blessing: A Look Back at Decades of Spiritual Leadership in Our Village. Last year ended with a deep monumental occasion in our village.

From Soaked to Scorched- In Three Months Time

Leaders: Implement Sustainable Solutions In Your Disaster-Stricken Regions For over a month now, heavy rains have pounded the Northern and coastal regions of Kenya, causing

Empowering Women in STEM

Celebrating Achievements & Encouraging Progress The world has undoubtedly become a better place, thanks to the remarkable strides made in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics